Dr. Maxine Kaye

Daily Inspiration -- December 13, 2017

Many of us were fortunate to have mentors who guided us to physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual maturation. Thinking of inspiring coaches, caring counselors, stimulating educators, and illumined spiritual support people, we often feel gratitude for such powerful assistance, encouragement, and clarity. Even after many years, it is wonderful to acknowledge those people still on the planet and let them know what a difference they have made in our lives. It is still possible to express gratitude to those who have gone on, for we live on in their hearts as they do in ours.

We, too, may become an encouraging presence in the lives of others, particularly for young people or those who seem temporarily to have lost their way. We are capable of lifting up one another, reminding each other of the power and possibility within us that is limitless, and walking hand-in-hand as our paths become more familiar and comfortable. What task or project could be more important than guiding someone to his or her greater capability, whether in sports, relationships, studies, or spiritual evolution? We feel deep satisfaction in mutual, respectful support, especially in recalling how someone else helped us along our path.

Let’s honor and celebrate all people who have stepped up to this high calling and acknowledge ourselves, as well. You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I am open to receive divine guidance through beloved people and I am willing to give the same wherever I may make a difference.

Please delight in your Wednesday, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

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Daily Inspiration -- December 13, 2017