Dr. Maxine Kaye

​​​​​​Daily Inspiration -- January 17, 2018

If everything visible comes forth from the Invisible, then the Creative Intelligence which brought into being the universe and all life forms is also at work within our own minds, as they are all part of the One Mind. This heightens our awareness of the necessity of keeping our thoughts elevated to the highest and best of which we can conceive, and conceive we do, for we are co-creators with the Universal Mind.

The notion that, “Thoughts are things” points directly to the connection between the blueprint and the building, the seed and the plant, the idea and the form. Nothing is created ex nihilo or “from nothing.” Every expression of life began as an idea, either in the mind of God or human, and your mind and my mind are a beautiful part of the Greater Mind.

Since thing follows thought, and form proceeds from feeling, we wisely choose the most intelligent, productive thoughts and the most loving and compassionate feelings to make our moment-to-moment choices about what we truly wish to create in our lives and in the world. Let’s not inadvertently bring negative conditions into our world by dwelling on unconstructive thoughts or depressing feelings. Why create more of the same when we have the power to make healthy, conscious changes? We can use the Power of Mind to bring heaven to earth, so let’s begin today. You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I keep my conversations in heaven, focusing on wholesome thoughts and feelings which now produce happy, healthy circumstances.

Please enjoy a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

Daily Inspiration -- January 17, 2018