Dr. Maxine Kaye

Dr. Maxine Kaye is a popular presenter known for her dynamic classes and seminars. For 43 years, she has been revered as a teacher, spiritual director, couples counselor, speaker, and author. In addition, she is sought-after as a facilitator for workshops and retreats and is an officiant for weddings, christenings, and life celebrations (memorials). 

Her book, Alive and Ageless: How to Feel Alive and Live Fully Every Day of Your Life came out in 2011, and her writing has inspired a number of workshops, which she has presented all across the country. Both the book and its companion, Alive and Ageless Workbook are available on Lulu.com. For more information, click on "My Book: Alive & Ageless" on the right,
or click here to order. You may also download the Kindle Version from Amazon.

Whether assisting people in connecting more deeply to their Source, to their passion, or to one another, Dr. Maxine is a gentle and effective spiritual director and facilitator, both in one-on-one sessions and in classrooms or retreat centers.

Classes in expansive and effective living have been taught in various venues in many locations and will be listed on this site, as well as speaking and workshop dates and locations nationwide.  She has served as Spiritual Leader in Paoli, Pennsylvania since 2004, focusing her attention primarily on this lively spiritual community, speaking most Sundays and offering a variety of classes during the week.

Dr. Maxine offers a daily inspirational message Monday through Friday. Contact her at 
dr.maxine@theconsciousconnections.com or by telephone at (760) 574-2490.

Dr. Maxine Kaye