Daily Inspiration -- June 23, 2017

June is known to be a popular month for weddings, and in our spiritual community, we’ve even been celebrating some 50th anniversaries. These wonderful commitments two people make to each other are an inspiration to all of us, and we recognize that all people have the ability to commit to creating something wonderful in their lives, whether through a devoted relationship, a passionate career, or ardent dedication to deepening a relationship with the Divine. We can be “wedded” to our work, committed to an ideal, faithful to a spouse, and devoted to the Divine, without having to choose any of these pursuits over the others.

Simply becoming a person of commitment, moving into each activity with boundless energy and expanding fervor, makes every activity fulfilling, as we know we are bringing the best of ourselves to each one. Imagine the joy you would feel in every moment and the satisfaction you would experience at day’s end if you were to choose true commitment to each activity, whether inwardly directed or outwardly expressed.

It really is about the attitude we bring to the fulfillment of our creative intentions, and there is no limit to how masterfully we may move through life once we have made such conscious decisions. Beginning with the “mystical marriage” of our oneness with the Presence of the Divine within, we move into ever-expanding concentric circles of our chosen life activities and expression. You may wish to use the following affirmation:

I move today with clarity, passion, and intention, committed to bringing the Spirit into every endeavor of my day and letting the Divinity flow effortlessly through my humanity.

Please enjoy a sweet Friday, a wonderful weekend, and I’ll be with you again on Monday.

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