Daily Inspiration -- March 24, 2017

We understand that we tend to learn in three basic fashions: human opinion, personal experience, and inner inspiration. It can certainly be interesting and even illuminating to listen to the opinions of people we respect; yet, our discernment will always determine what is appropriate for us. We may learn from our past experiences, whether healthy or painful, and in fact, if they have been difficult we are wise to learn from them so we might approach such incidents differently in the future.

The most reliable means of positive and successful learning, however, comes from that inner wellspring of intuitive knowing we access when we commune with the Spirit within and invite It to guide and inspire us into right knowledge, deep understanding, and clear choices. We develop this ability by entering often into the Interior Castle of the soul and being open to true divine guidance, as contrasted with merely human whims or flights of fancy. Learning to listen with the ear of the heart through which God whispers trustworthy inspiration, we cultivate a spiritual maturity that allows a greater idea to ring true to us.

We can still listen attentively to thoughts and opinions of our neighbors, and continue to let our experiences teach us about what works and what does not, but the greatest and most dependable mode of living successfully is found in being receptive to the Divine Wisdom within. You may wish use the following affirmation:

Thankful for all the lessons I learn each day, I am most grateful for the Loving and Wise Presence within me that constantly shows me the way to live peacefully and powerfully now.

Keep your heart open this Friday, allow your guidance to continue through the weekend, and I’ll be with you again on Monday.

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