Daily Inspiration -- August 22, 2017

Did it ever occur to you that your life is intended to be meaningful and joyful, and that we all truly exist for the delight of God? This is not likely the average thinking of too many people, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were to move in this direction? It is too easy to become so busy with our daily activities and responsibilities that we lose track of the larger picture, forgetting to rediscover the real significance of our lives.

It is when we come into our greater purpose that everything in which we engage becomes clearer, more successful, and filled with joy. Everyday events take on a beautiful luster when we make a sacred agreement with ourselves and our Higher Power to live a valuable and fulfilling life that uplifts others and delights God!

Where would you set your intention if you knew the entire Universe was ready to support you in its manifestation? In those quiet moments of meditation, inquiring within of the greater Wisdom, you can receive the inspiration and guidance you seek. You are here to live from your personal brilliance, and something deep in your heart of hearts already knows the perfect path you are ready to walk. Listen closely to this Wisdom, and perhaps be assisted with this affirmation:

I am ready to paint broader brush strokes, align with a greater Purpose for my life, and give thanks for the guidance of Infinite Mind each step of the way. I listen, and it is revealed.

May you receive Divine Inspiration this Tuesday, and I’ll be with you again tomorrow.

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